Oneironauts is a 2D side-scrolling beat-em-up game made during my freshman year at DigiPen. It was developed in 16 weeks starting during the winter of 2011 and ending in April of 2012. It was a unique experience because it was my first time writing a large volume of code without the safety net of an existing engine. I worked with a team of two other developers writing game-play code, drawing tiles, making levels, writing music, and play-testing.

The only code we were given was a graphics API that handled the windowing and mesh rendering logic. Originally we were going to be given a SetPixel function that took an xy coordinate and a color. But we were given a more extensive graphics API which allowed us to focus on other engine features rather than worrying about writing a triangle rasterizer. Over the winter break one of our developers wrote the core-engine. It was a monolithic node-based engine and heĀ emulated some object-oriented programming in C with a series of defines that created classes with member functions. Our game was simple enough that a component based architecture would probably have been overkill. The development turn-around was really quick and the game came together in the first few weeks.

We play-tested our game weekly; sometimes twice a week. The feedback we got allowed us to turn around and start writing code faster than ever. It solidified in my mind the importance of putting your product in front of someone else. Without that constant feedback I’m sure we would not have had the same product quality as we did.

I did do some tile-set art and wrote the music for the game. You can find the music atĀ SoundCloud. The sound effects were done by another developer.

In the end the game was a great experience for me and it turned out very well. We won the best freshman game award and we had loads of fun making the game.

Find it at the DigiPen Game Gallery